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The importance of a visa is not new to frequent international travellers. But if you are a first time traveller, you must know that a visa is the prerequisite for any foreign travel. You must have your visa with you at the time of travel else you will not be permitted in the country where you are travelling to. However, each country has its set of rules and regulations. At Travel Hut, we familiarise you with the same.

Visa for different countries

As mentioned, each country has its set of guidelines which you need to know before applying the visa. The very first step of visa application is to understand you visa category. Many countries that are popular tourist destinations give visas on arrival. You can check with the immigration department the minute you land at the airport. Another way that countries issue visas is online through Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). Here you need to fill an online form and all details relating to the purpose of your travel. Once you submit the form and pay the fee, your visa will be emailed to you as per the specified time. You then have main visas based on the nature of your stay. For this you need to reach out to the Embassy of the country or a consulate that will assist you as per your requirement. At Travel Hut visa section, we list the countries and provide you all information and the type of visas required.

Visa requirements

Once you know your visa category, you must read the instructions carefully. With each visa there is a requirement of documentation which is mandatory and should be authentic. Below is a checklist that most visas mention. Along with this there will be additional lists based on your destination and its visa category.

• A valid passport and validity mentioned for the particular visa
• Passport sized photos. Most visas usually require two recent pictures
• Proof of Funds (to show your financial stability)
• Return tickets
• Any form of invitation, medical certificate and insurance
• Accommodation details (an ETA usually asks for your hotel address as address proof)

Make sure all documents are thoroughly checked and then attached to the application.

Visa Application

Once you have arranged the documents and the list of other specifications you can download the form online at Travel Hut. We have PDF files of the visa application which you can fill and send to the respective Embassy or Consulate. Our travel team is available 24x7 for any further assistance that you may need on this.
A visa is a mandatory document and we have added this service to ensure your safe journey. With all correct details filled and submitted, you can apply for a visa well before your trip. This way, if there are any cancellations, it will not interfere with your trip. Rest, our deals on flights and hotels keep getting better. The minute you have a nod on your visa, make a booking with us and travel with an absolutely free mind.