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Customized Vacations: 3 steps to the perfect vacation!

Don’t you just love planning a vacation? We are not only talking about choosing a destination but actually creating a package. Yes, that is possible and with Travel Hut, you can experience this customised vacations service in minutes. Few clicks online and you will actually have a ready package for your travel. Choose from exotic destinations, club them together and extend your vacation like never before. Let’s show you how...

The travel destinations

Yes, there is more than one destination to choose from in our travel customisation section. You can choose destinations ranging from the Indian Subcontinent to Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa Pacific, USA & Canada region all the way to the Mediterranean. We literally bring the world under one roof for you here, by giving you the most stunning regions to choose from.

What vacation are you seeking?

Once you are sure about your destination, you will be directed to step two. Here you can mark the check box with your interests that will help us list the Activities for you during your travel. Yes, customisation for us means ensuring that you travel the way you want and get to do all that you have in mind. This means we need to cater to your interests and plan based on that. You can select from Family and Luxury travel to wildlife and adventure, culture and heritage, voluntourism, yoga and honeymoon. All these interests will help us give you the options that will suit your requirement.

Travel the way you plan!

Tell us the city you wish to start your travel from, the date and your suitable budget. Based on the number of days, people and the duration you give us, we will start working out the deals. You can also tell us the stage you are currently in, like planning stage, ready to travel, or still unsure so we can make our offerings accordingly. Based on the time you wish to travel and where to, the deals will be sent to you. If you have certain specifications about the vacation, you can let us know that too. If you want to select from luxury vacations or go adventurous, tell us as you finish step three.

Complete assistance

This tailor-made service includes a planned itinerary based on all your interests and location preference. Travel Hut also gives you the benefit to go through our vacation samples and plan your travel. You can at any given point talk to our travel experts who will no stone unturned in giving you the best value deals.

By customising a holiday with such easiness, Travel Hut allows you to bring an experience you imagined to life. We lay out the elements for you and now it’s up to you to place them together. So what’s holding you back? Now that you know how to go about it, customise your vacation and travel where you have always wanted to. It’s like living the moment you have created!